Horse Power

625 hp

Detroit 60 Engines


Drill Depth

Appraised Market Value $1,000,000

Currently Stacked in Midland Texas. Ready to be Shipped and put to use instantly. The Rig can be shipped with just 10 trucks.

Complete Jack-Up Custom Built 1,200 Hp 3-Axle Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

Ready to be Setup & a 3-4 man Crew engaged.

See Specifications Below.

The Rig is currently stacked in Midland, Tx at a Oil Industry Servicing Company Yard. 

This Equipment Rating (ER) is a unique system to:

  • Measure the condition of the individual rig.
  • Compare the inspection results of an individual rig with the industry average for this particular type of rig, worldwide or in a specific area.
  • Visualize the strengths and weaknesses of an individual rig.
  • Benchmark the safety and maintenance standards of an individual rig against other rigs or against the results of previous inspections.
  • Use a risk analysis tool to proactively prevent accidents and downtime.

This Complete Rig had a recent 1,212 point Assessment by Lloyds Register Energy.

The focus is to improve operation of drilling systems equipment, improving safety, and increasing equipment reliability in conformance with API, OSHA and ISO recommendations. 

Checked items were either already in compliance, reconditioned, replaced, or upgraded to be compliant with API and ISO recommendations.

You can be assured of the readiness for International use and compliance.

Request a Download of the Complete Lloyd’s Report Below…

Overview Mockup

Custom Built 1,200 HP
Trailer Mounted
Drilling Rig

Custom built 3-axle trailer mounted drilling rig built to provide the capability and mobility of comparable 4-axle rigs in a more efficient and cost-effective design.

This rig is transportable in just 10 loads versus the typical 14-16 loads and is lighter than a comparable 4-axle rig. A lighter 3-axle rig and fewer loads means lower permitting costs to transport due to seasonal conditions and location.

This rig has a smaller footprint than comparable rigs providing greater geographical reach with less environmental impact when deployed.

Comparable rigs often incorporate too many hydraulics that require constant repair due to leakage. While this rig incorporates an automated pipe handing system, it was designed to reduce the amount of redundant hydraulics to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

The rig can be safely operated with a 3-4 man crew while larger rigs can require 5 or more.


Footprint 1200 Hp Rig


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